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Having in excess of 27 years of experience in the aftermarket automotive industry, REACTION Chemicals is dedicated to keeping vehicles at peak operating performance, for the full usable lifetime of the vehicle. We truly believe that extending that usable lifetime well beyond 250,000 miles is not too much to ask from a modern vehicle.

Most importantly, we will listen to our customers with suggestions or concerns. REACTION Chemicals is actively committed to the automotive industry and the industries concerns with the environment and technology. More importantly; we are committed to making sure everyone understands their full ability to benefit from using REACTION Chemicals, including confidence in performing the services and offering the services in their facilities.

Being aggressively active in the automotive industry the past 27 years, we have seen many updated changes take place in regards to vehicle manufacturers demand for using proper fuels, engine oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and engine coolant.

Our field experience and feedback from the repair shop network indicates that they are much more concerned on doing a proper fluid exchange using safe and productive flush chemicals to remove all the old contaminated fluid before filling the vehicle’s system with new fluid. Their opinion was voiced on not adding conditioners or supplements with the new fluid and being more proactive on using the manufacture recommended fluids; which contain the proper additive packages in order to protect the customer’s vehicle systems while maintaining the vehicle warranties.

This had prompted us to focus on what the industry is asking for: Simple, Safe and Professional fuel system cleaning and fluid flush products that perform.

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