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R106 Cooling System Flush


Radiator System Flush Flushing your cooling system prevents overheating, electrolysis and corrosion, removes harmful deposits and scale build-up and improves heat transfer.

 •  Neutralization of this flush is not required
 •  Removes & dissolves all harmful deposits that can be harmful to the cooling system
 •  Excellent cleaner of restricted heater cores
 •  Safe for use with or without cooling system flush equipment
 •  Gas & Diesel engine safe
  100% safe & effective cleaning process of the entire cooling system including the heater core; Delivering expected results

USER INSTRUCTIONS - Cooling System Service with R106 Cooling System Flush

USER INSTRUCTIONS - Restricted or Clogged Heater Core Servicing with R106 Cooling System Flush

Electrically Testing Coolant
A very loose definition of a battery: 2 dissimilar metals in an acid bath. What that really means is you have 2 different metals and you put them in a container with electrolyte (acid.) Aluminum, Steel, Cast Iron, and Copper are all dissimilar metals. If you add an acid (old coolant), you can make a pretty good battery. Unfortunately, this good battery means death to head gaskets and heater cores.

**Test on a cold engine:

1) Remove the radiator cap.

2) Hook up the negative lead from a DVOM to the battery negative cable.

3) Drop the red lead into the coolant in the radiator.
A) If the reading is .090V or less, check the physical condition (look) of the coolant, age of the coolant; the cooling system is in good condition.
B) If the readings are between 0.1V and 0.2V, the system is getting pretty acidic. It is time for a "flush and fill" before damage is done to the system. Readings above 0.2V really show the cooling system is very acidic, damage is being done. The cooling system has to be flushed, now.

4) One final step to perform before the vehicle leaves the shop is to retest the system after the flushing to make sure the job was done completely.

R106 Cooling System Flush contains acids aimed at cleaning up the organic and inorganic deposits that develop in a cooling system. The rust and calcium that are created from a cooling system that has been ignored will be dissolved and removed from the system during the flush.

Before Cooling System Service

After Cooling System Service


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