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R100 Fuel System Cleaner
R110 Throttle Body Cleaner
R100KIT Fuel Induction Starter Kit
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Fuel System Cleaner

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Fuel System Cleaner
NOW “16 Ounces”
Handles all Your Performed Fuel Cleaning Services
Cleans the Entire Fuel System
Removes Water and Corrects Phase Separation Created by the Effects of Ethanol Blended Fuels.

 •  Can be poured into the gas tank
 •  Can be used with all vacuum induction tools to clean upper intake systems
 •  Can be used with all pressurized fuel injection cleaning equipment to directly clean the fuel injectors
 •  Safe for all gasoline powered engines including 2 & 4 stroke engines, cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, lawnmowers, PWC’s and ATV’s
 •  Removes carbon, gum and varnish from the entire fuel system
 •  Cleans the fuel filter, fuel lines, injectors, oxygen sensors and catalytic converters; R100 is sensor & catalytic converter safe
 •  Increases engine vacuum
 •  Improves vehicle performance & fuel mileage
 •  A full tank of gas is not required when adding R100 to the fuel tank; The engine will run 100% off of R100
 •  R100 treats up to 30 gallons of gas

USER INSTRUCTIONS - Reaction Fuel System Cleaner Installation Instructions for use with REACTION 1425 Vacuum Applicator


Q: What is “phase separation” and how does it affect the fuel?
A: Phase separation occurs when the water content reaches the maximum amount that the gasoline blend can dissolve; any additional water will separate from the gasoline. When phase separation occurs in an ethanol blended gasoline, the water will actually begin to remove the ethanol from the gasoline. Therefore, the second phase which can occur in ethanol blends contains both ethanol and water, as opposed to just water in MTBE blends and conventional gasoline. In the case of twostroke engines, this water-ethanol phase will compete with the blended oil for bonding to the metal engine parts. Therefore, the engine will not have enough lubrication, and engine damage may result. In the case of four-stroke engines, the waterethanol phase may combust in the engine. This combustion can be damaging to the engine because the water ethanol phase creates a leaner combustion mixture (i.e. air to fuel ratio is higher than ideal). Leaner mixtures tend to combust at higher temperatures, and can damage engines.

One application of R100 Fuel System Cleaner will remix the water, ethanol-alcohol and fuel separation into a single phase making it a 100% combustible mixture.

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