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R104 Transmission/Power Steering Flush


ET104 Transmission System Flush

Flushing your transmission and power steering system extends their operating life, lowers operating temperatures, makes them work smoother, removes sludge, varnish & harmful deposits, and cleans the lines, pumps and the transmissions torque converter.

One bottle handles cleaning two critical vehicle systems--safely!

 •  Safe for use with most transmission systems (Not for use in CVT Transmissions)
 •  Safe for use with all vehicle power steering systems
 •  Safe & complete cleaning process
 •  Contains lubricating agents making it safe for use with or without flush equipment
 •  Removes all old fluid contamination including varnish, sludge & oxidation build-up
 •  Removes deposits & contaminants from the valve body
 •  Cleans the ATF lines, screen, pump & torque converter

  USER INSTRUCTIONS - Automatic Transmission Cleaning with R104 Transmission/Power Steering Flush

USER INSTRUCTIONS - Power Steering Service with R104 Transmission/Power Steering Flush

Flushing your Transmission System extends the life of the transmission, lowers operating temperatures, makes the transmission shift smoother, removes sludge, varnish & harmful deposits, cleans the lines, oil pump & the torque converter. The Automatic Transmission Builders Association says that “nearly nine out of ten transmission failures are due to overheating and fluid contamination”. Not servicing your transmission may cause overheating of the oxidized & contaminated fluid resulting in poor shifting, sticking valves and slippage resulting in expensive repairs.

Power Steering Fluid is a hydraulic fluid that is required to allow your vehicle to steer properly. Power steering fluid will break down like all other fluids in the vehicle. This fluid tends to be the most neglected fluid that gets serviced while having one of the most important duties of your vehicle: Your Steering. Not servicing your power steering system may create steering pump noise, groaning, whining and stiff or erratic steering. The build-up of contamination in your system can also restrict the pressure hoses and create sticking valves leading to potential mechanical failure.

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